This blog is, primarily, two things:

1. A scholarly exercise in blogging about a subject related to the humanities and the arts, and an academic requirement

2. Something I am doing because I love films more than I can describe, and I talk too much anyway, so I may as well put my thoughts down here


This blogger is named Sunny Tan. She graduated from the University of the Philippines, Diliman, with a BA in Speech Communication. She is currently taking up her masters in Digital Humanities and Public Culture at the Australian National University. She also blogs on and off about mental health and personal crap at Space Trash Rehash, and does a bunch of stuff on Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter.

I plan to post twice a week here — one short article, and one short list! So keep watching this space!

All text content here is original, unless specified. Sources to articles and such are directly linked within the article. All images and videos are not mine, and are either official screenshots or promotional images from respective film IMDB pages, or official distributor youtube pages.